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  A Note to Parents
Dear Parents, Welcome to Urdu @ Home!

Parents living in different countries have different reasons for their child to learn Urdu. If you live in Europe or the Middle East you are probably going to take Urdu language as part of your school curriculum. If you are in North America or Australia your need might be to have your child learn and understand the language of our parents and grandparents so they can stay well connected with their roots.

If you are in India (birth place of Urdu Language), your need might be to preserve one of the most beautiful languages by teaching your kids how to read and write Urdu. If you are in Pakistan, the need might be to develop and improve your child‘s reading and comprehension skills so they have a stronger base for advance classes.

Our Urdu curriculum takes into account these diverse needs and builds literacy skills, oracy skills and inter-cultural understanding. The curriculum (at present) consists of 3 key stages, each having two levels. Each level is further divided into distinctive learning modules consisting of lessons and exercises. Students will receive weekly downloadable lessons & exercises in the "Virtual Class Room" section. The eShagird application (available to premium members) offers interactive lessons and exercises for learning the language. In addition, parents / teachers are provided learning content in the "Supplemental" section as well as a number of tools to monitor student‘s progress in the " Tools & Templates" section.

Highlights of our Urdu Teaching Program
   E-Shagird - Interactive learning Application guide for Urdu learning

   Three Key Stages - Six Levels (2 levels / Key Stage)

   Weekly Home Assignments and Periodic Skill Assessments Tests

   Self Teaching Guides and Schedules and Teacher Consultation if needed

   Used by Public and Private schools

   Supplemental Material, teaching guides and schedules that provides necessary support while learning Urdu

   Achievement Certificates to make you feel proud of Urdu learning accomplishments

Should you have any questions pertaining to the material or teaching methods please contact our educational staff at teacher@urduathome.com.

Remember, URDU @ home is here to provide for the educational needs of all those wanting to learn Urdu. Your comments and suggestions are vital to us! They will help us develop new and unique services that you can enjoy with your children and develop as a family.

The Urdu @ Home Team
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